Accessibility using Remedy

We are making an active effort to enhance accessibility of our site and apps so that people with disabilities may take advantage of our services. If the format of any material on our site or apps interferes with your ability to access information or use our services, or if you have any other questions or comments regarding accessibility of our site or apps, please contact us at

We want to be as responsive as possible, so in your email message, please indicate the nature of the accessibility issue(s), any specific screen(s) you may be encountering difficulty with, and your contact information. Please note: our site and apps may contain links to properties operated by third parties, but we are not responsible for the accessibility of those other properties or for making available any accommodations on them.

Patients with disabilities

Remedy’s technology is helping to increase independence for patients with disabilities, with features and capabilities like these:

On-Demand doctors

The Remedy app makes it easier for patients with disabilities to access healthcare at the touch of a button. They no longer have to spend hours manually searching for doctors or resort to other, less convenient, means of finding and booking an appointment with a doctor.

Anti-discrimination policies

Every appointment request a patient makes is automatically matched to nearby doctors by the Remedy app, reducing opportunities for unlawful discrimination to interfere with the process of securing reliable access to healthcare.

Contactless services

The Remedy app makes it easier for patients with disabilities to access healthcare without having to verally coordinate with a receptionist or physically wait at the doctor’s office before their appointment.

Patients who are deaf or hard of hearing

Audio isn’t needed for full functionality of the Remedy app. Assistive technology such as visible and vibrating alerts and tactile feedback can help patients who are deaf or hard of hearing use the Remedy app easily, and in-app features, such as the ability to check-in to your appointment using Contactless™ Check-In can facilitate non-verbal communication between the patient and hospital staff.

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